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Hong Kong embarks on protests as China proposes security law

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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hong kong protesters wearing face masks

Residents in the high economy city have embarked on protests, with facemasks on, in order to fight a new security law bill that China is seeking to pass in the metropolitan area, OYOGist.com reports.

BBC reports that hundreds of residents have marched to the streets of Hong Kong’s busiest business district of busy Causeway Bay and Wan Chai districts on Sunday.

In retaliation, the police have fired teargas and rubber bullets at protesters, in a bid to push against the protesters.

The security law, which has drawn condemnation from over 200 senior politicians from 23 countries, aims to pass a bill that allows China to set up its agency in Hong Kong to ban “treason, secession, sedition and subversion” in the territory.

Many have feared that this law, if passed, would take away Hong Kong’s autonomy and diminish the freedom of the citizens.

The 200 signatories criticizing China for the proposal called it “comprehensive assault on the city’s autonomy, rule of law and fundamental freedoms.”

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