Home Breaking News Mad Woman Kills Yahoo Boy Trying To Rape Her In Ogun

Mad Woman Kills Yahoo Boy Trying To Rape Her In Ogun

by Amadu Victor
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A Yahoo boy was said to have entered an uncompleted building looking for a mad woman after getting information that she always sleep over night in the Uncompleted building, while trying to rape her, he was stabbed with broken bottle to death by the mad woman while his friend ran for his life.

OYOGist.com reports

Mad woman stabbed a yahoo boy Rafiu Adelana to death in an uncompleted building while trying to have sex with her, while his friend who claimed to be in the building ran away after he confessed, in Odogolu local Government Ogun State.


His friend Olajide Benson which they both stay together has been taken to the Police Command Headquarter in Abeokuta.

Their native doctor told them to do to enhance their money earning, he added that he has repent from all the evil doer, the moment his friend die and pray for God forgiveness.

The body of the victim was taken away while Olajide was arrested, the case is yet to be charged to court as the investigation is still on going.

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