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Buhari Reveals Coronavirus is affecting the economy

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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President Buhari has revealed that the novel coronavirus outbreak is affecting the economy of Nigeria.

Buhari revealed this while he received some health workers under the umbrella of the Joint Health Sector Unions and Assembly Healthcare Professionals Associations on Tuesday, March 10.

The President implored the team of health workers to put moderation to their requests on the government as it could have an adverse effect on the economy of the country.

He revealed that his administration is looking for different ways to tackle the challenges the outbreak of the COVID19 poses to the country’s economy.

Garba Shehu revealed that the President, through a statement, said


“Your case is certainly receiving attention, but you must bear in mind the condition that the country is in now. Coronavirus is not improving matters. It is affecting what we very much depend on, the petroleum industry and therefore revenue. 

“So, please try and help us with your people. Let us be patriotic, let us look at the ways and means of the government and appeal for restraint…We have to emphasize that it is very important we maintain cohesion together, because if we allow sentiments or popularity to overwhelm our reasoning faculties, we will be in trouble and it will be too late for us to adjust, so please bear with us.”

The President was also hopeful that his administration’s drive for food sufficiency in the last four years will come in handy with the drop in government revenue.

He added; 

“We thank God; God is very sympathetic to us. The three previous rainy seasons were good. We had good foresight in getting fertiliser, making it available and we virtually achieved food security. We made good decisions, and we saved hundreds of millions of dollars on importation of food. If not, we would have been in real trouble.”

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