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Babcock: It’s isn’t normal for a lady to swallow a man’s manhood – VC Ademola Tayo on why sex video girl was expelled

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Prof. Ademola Tayo, the Vice-Chancellor of Babcock University has come out on why the student in the sex tape dubbed Mia Khalifa was expelled.

Tayo explained that the action of the girl was damaging to the name of the institution, and expelling her was part of measures to prevent the name of the University from being damaged.

You’ll recall that in November, one of the female students of the school was caught in a sex tape that went viral. She was involved with a student that had been expelled earlier for a similar act.

In response, the university released a statement in which it expelled the female student.

Mr Tayo, during a press briefing with journalists at the Babcock guesthouse on Sunday 8, December 2019 said:

“We had to take that decision in order to protect this institution and to protect its alumni because anywhere they go they say the University where they are all prostitutes.  They said the girls are always swallowing and all kinds of ridicule. If we keep mute, in the public opinion they would think that anything goes in the institution. We had to make a statement to show discipline.

But I need to tell you that I signed it off with tears in my eyes as a responsible father but we are not leaving this young lady to her doom. The pastor called me last week and I prayed with the family. The father called me and said pray with your daughter.  I said she is still my daughter. Sometimes discipline is therapeutic. It is when you go that you realize that this is not right what I have done and then you go back to yourself.

I look forward to a time when this young girl would graduate and be celebrated. It may not be here; I don’t know where but we are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”

When reacting to the girl’s act of cunnilingus, the lecturer said: ”It is not normal for a young woman to take the manhood of the man and be swallowing. That is a very dirty thing which supposed not to be heard.”

Tayo said parents of some wards were happy about the school’s decision.

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