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Nigerians celebrate questionable wealth- fashion blogger, Noble Igwe

by Meso Ejiofor
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Media personality, Nobel Igwe, has reacted to the recent viral report of a ritual killing involving four teenage boys in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The social media influencer opined on his verified Twitter handle, @NobelIgwe, on Sunday, that the desire for wealth stems from how Nigerians celebrate questionable and ill-gotten wealth in the country.

“Every day, we are on different pages of people we know that they cannot afford certain things shouting ‘God when’, then come here (on social media) to act surprised that people are doing evil to belong. Our society does not question the source of anything.

“In most clubs, it’s only bottle services. They don’t sell cocktails or beer, but when people order expensive drinks, music is shut down to deliver drinks to one person or group. People would kill or commit crimes to get such treatment.

“Some people will post three skits in a year and then post a house they just bought; people will appear in movies then post ‘new me, new home’. The Thing is we celebrate all types of questionable wealth.

“The Church will take donations from anyone with money, the village will crown anyone with money, no questions asked. Families don’t ask their children how they make their money and some don’t care. It’s the society that feeds this monster.

“I need to stop now, I’m already seeing my tweets on blogs. Remember, family is important in shaping society and we owe it to one another to fix our homes. Stop celebrating overnight success,” Igwe stated.

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