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China threatens ‘heavy attack’ against US should they rescue Taiwan

by Nwani Chisom
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US President, JOE BIDEN has been warned by Chinese state media that Beijing will not hesitate to strike US forces should they try to intervene in plans to reunite Taiwan with the mainland, Oyogist reports.

A Chinese news outlet, The Global Times has insisted that the “US simply cannot build a deterrent to prevent the Chinese mainland from carrying out reunification by force on Taiwan when necessary.”

It stated that: “Reunification by force will definitely happen” unless Washington convinces Taiwan authorities to accept the concept of ‘one country, two systems and engage with mainland China “on the path of peaceful reunification.”

Recall oyogist had earlier reported that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s in a disclosed that the US was “going to take every action that we can take, from the point of view of both deterrence and diplomacy” to prevent a scenario where China takes over Taiwan militarily.

The message was echoed the same day by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who warned China that a military scenario vis-a-vis Taiwan would be a “very serious mistake.”



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