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“Sunday Igboho’s stay in the prison is a blessing in disguise”- Lawyer

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, One of the lawyers of embattled Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, Olusegun Falola, has said his client’s stay in Benin Republic detention is a blessing in disguise.

Falola spoke during an interview with feelrightnewsTV.

Speaking on efforts so far made concerning Igboho’s freedom, Falola said: “Igboho’s arrest shows he was cheated, because he didn’t commit any criminal offence.

“I plead with all Yorubas and Nigerians at large, don’t see Sunday Igboho as a convict, see him as someone who is under Benin Republic’s protection. Igboho is only staying underground for now until when there is a breath of fresh air.

“Nigeria did not show up in court or bring up evidence against Sunday Igboho. So there are no criminal charges against him. When Igboho leaves prison, he’ll demand asylum from other countries including France, and they will be ready to receive him.

“So he’ll return to Nigeria when the administration that is against him leaves office.”

Advising on what steps Igboho will take after regaining freedom, he said: “If Nigeria is yet to be a safe haven for him (Igboho) to return, especially for his freedom and maximum security, all his cars in Ibadan and businesses will be done in Cotonou.

“The judges asked Igboho if he had land in Cotonou and he responded that he has a land in Seme.

“So, there is still danger ahead. Igboho’s asylum in Cotonou is for him to stay in the country and do his businesses in the country and also travel to Germany to either live there or to travel to and fro. He’ll use Benin as his new home until Buhari’s tenure is over just for his own safety.

“We should be thankful to Benin Republic government for granting Igboho access to medical attention. Also his wife, Ropo, goes freely to see him to also interact with him and bring food regularly.”

“If Igboho had been captured the way Kanu was extradited to Nigeria, then we won’t be talking about him today. His health would have worsened. Look at how his aides have been treated.”

Falola further stated that “Once the storm is gradually coming to an end, Igboho will regain his freedom.

“He is hale and hearty, and also in good condition. He is also getting more medical attention for him to be fit, especially ahead of any future political ambitions.”

“Sunday Igboho’s stay in the prison is not befitting for his status, but it is a blessing in disguise, just to keep him protected.”

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