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“Twitter NG’s brand of feminism is too toxic and dangerous,” – Twitter Influencer

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According to report reaching, A Nigerian twitter influencer has described Twitter NG’s brand of feminism as toxic and dangerous.

There has been going tussle on Twitter NG’s between Nigeria men and Nigeria women, which resulted to a twitter boycott on the 9th of April by Nigerian women to make their stand known against OnlineSexualharrassment.

The twitter influencer named @MrOdanz took to his twitter page to state his opinion about feminism in Nigeria:

He tweeted: “Few years ago, I started speaking out against the dangers of this toxic, misguided brand of feminism peddled on Twitter NG. This was after identifying as a feminist on this same Twitter myself. I am glad a lot of you are finally seeing it and speaking out against it. Progress”

“Anyone who knows me outside this app will attest to my egalitarian views, how much I lean towards liberalism when it comes to gender discourses. But I’ve made it a duty to distance myself from such Identity on Twitter because it is something else here, something dangerous.”

“I can’t identify with a movement that doesn’t believe in a diversity of opinions online, a movement that collectivises an entire gender as evil, trash, oppressors and label anyone who has reservation about such labels as “misogynist, sexist” etc. Dangerous rhetorics”

“Can’t be part of a movement that believes a woman can never do any wrong, that women can’t make bad decisions, women can’t lie in search of vendetta. If there is a case between a man and woman, then the woman is right, women are ALWAYS the victims. Dangerous pathway to toe.”

“Anyway, my views outside this app hasn’t changed. I am still the same old rational,tolerant,calm, a tad bit more liberal and egalitarian person. But on Twitter? I am part of the opposition. And I am glad that more people are coming to terms with the dangers of your movement here.”

“More dissenting voices are springing up everyday to tear down that wall of hatred that you want to build undisturbed You can call anyone anything: pick me, misogynist etc. It doesn’t change anything. You bring your gbas as usual, there are several Gbos waiting for you. Mercie”

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