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Video: Caviar costs up to #5,760,000/kg, here’s why

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Caviar is basically unfertilized eggs from the Sturgeon family of fish, then garnished with salt. This eggs are highly sought after by the rich and famous to showcase their wealth because caviars are very pricey, OYOgist.com reports.

The caviar is sourced from the Sturgeon fish which can only be found in the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan. Due to overfishing, a ban was placed on fishing in the sea hence the scarcity of the Sturgeon fish.

The fish species is said to be grown on only 3 farms around the world. To harvest sturgeon eggs basically takes 8-9 years. Other inexpensive “caviar” can be got from Salmon, it’s called salmon roe and harvest time is 8 months.

Ultrasounds is done on the fishes to monitor the egg’s stage and to determine how good it is for harvest.

The Ossetra Sturgeon caviar costs up to N5,760,000 for a kilo.

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