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#BugsBunnyChallenge: see the new viral challenge taking social media

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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When it seemed like we’re finally leaving the era of viral social media challenge behind us, a new challenge has cropped up. The #BugsBunnyChallenge is the new trend now, and it also teases female sexuality.

Like almost all viral challenge trends before it, the #bugsbunnychallenge originated from TikTok. It shows the participant laying on their tummy with almost all their face hidden behind the phone with the camera on, and the butt lifts up to form a bunny.

Apparently, it is not named after cartoon character or the 2021 Space Jam reboot but named so because of the song that features the words “Bugs Bunny” in its lyrics a lot.

To create the Bug Bunny, you lay on your stomach in front of a mirror, while using your phone’s rear camera to record, then raise your feet up in the air wearing a pair of socks. This will form the shape of the “bug bunny.”

The challenge started trending on TikTok a week ago showing TikTok influencers, performing to “Гучи”, which translates to “Gucci,” by Russian artist Timati featuring Egor Kreed. To listen to the part that is featured on the Bug Bunny Challenge trend on TikTok, you’d have to seek the song at 1:48.

One of the artists that featured on the song,  Egor Kreed, has done the challenge a couple times. The challenge is still new, so you might come across it quite often on your timeline.

Watch the compilation of the #BugsBunnyChallenge below:

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