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Broke “Big boy” who drove over road cone and threatened elderly sweeper is embarrassed after being asked to pay

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Oyogist.com has learnt that a broke “Big boy” who drove over a road cone and threatened elderly sweeper was embarrassed after being asked to pay.

A twitter user who witnessed the incident naratted it via her twitter handle @_pesse;

she tweeted; “I was heading to work yesterday morning and these women who clean the street very early in the morning placed their cone to show they were at work and a young man drove over it and crushed the cone. She was almost knocked down but instead of him begging he started insulting and Cursing her. Calling her all sort of names, telling her he can pay her and that she should be very careful how she speaks with him or she will loose her job. I ended my trip immediately.”

“Went straight to the incident and shouted at the man. She is a legitimate worker and should never be intimidated because you drive a car. Even if you can pay her salary you don’t pay her. You were on top speed because the road was free and distracted that’s why you didn’t see that cone to have avoided it.”

“She did no wrong by helping clean the road early hours of the morning. Apologies to her immediately. He started making noise until other women passing by gathered and we formed a big circle. Oga turned back and saw crowd of sweepers with broom and other women passer by demanding an apology from him. He knew he couldn’t get away,”

“He had to apologize reluctantly and I insisted he buys a new cone because that is a road furniture used to notify road users that shes on duty. I asked her how much she said 6500 oya oga pay. Uncle started murmuring. He didn’t have 6500 cash or account and he was bragging, got so pissed and asked him to call to borrow that money because she must get another cone before tomorrow morning. He was so ashamed ehhh. So all his bragging na just motor he get he no get money.”

“He finally got people who sent 2k three times and he transferred to her. And I gave her extra 1k to add to it. Because people don’t earn as much as you do or they do jobs with low pay doesn’t mean you should disrespect them. We all can’t work in CBN, NNPC or Aso Rock but we can still contribute to the society positivity.”

“These are women we should see and appreciate, gift items to, pray for them and show gratitude to. They wake up as early as 4 to be at their portions most times for a pay that so so small. They do this because they have responsibilities and must survive. Never intimidate people on duty especially when they are doing the right thing. Stop making this statement ” I will make you loose your job” you ain’t God. Learn to say sorry when you are wrong you won’t die if you do so.”

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