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(VIDEO) Bad weather force Americans in Texas to queue for water

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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An ABC reporter has recorded a clip of Americans in Texas who are now short of water due to days of power outage queuing for water, OYOGist.com reports.

The scene is not much different from what you’d encounter in the deep villages of a so-called ‘third world country’. Bad weather has crippled power supply to millions of households in Texas and several other cities. As a result, basic amenities such as water, heating and gas supply have been cut off for days.

Electricity Operators in Texas have blamed the lingering power outage on frozen pipelines that have prevented the flow of natural gas to power plants.

In the video shared by the journalist, Erica Simon, Americans are seen in queue holding buckets and dispenser containers to fetch water from a tap supplied by a borehole.

Watch the video of Americans in Texas queuing to fetch water with buckets from a borehole below:

“This is not a third-world country. This is Houston, Texas. I spotted a line of people filling up buckets of water from a spicket at Haden Park. Why? Millions either have no water or are under a Boil Water Advisory”, Erica said.

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