Home Politics Seyi Makinde says a Yoruba Presidency is not the answer to our problems, restructuring is

Seyi Makinde says a Yoruba Presidency is not the answer to our problems, restructuring is

by Mustapha Olamide
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he Oyo State Governor, Mr Seyi Makinde, has said Nigerians need adequate security and restructuring of the country far more than who occupies the presidency.

The governor, who taunted those he said were running round the country due to their presidential ambition, said those politicians would soon know better.

Makinde, during a statement on Tuesday by his Chief Press Secretary, Taiwo Adisa, was quoted to possess spoken in Ibadan at the handover of 33 operational vehicles and 396 motorcycles to the Oyo State Security Agency, popularly referred to as Operation Amotekun.

He had earlier given 25 vehicles to the police and Operation Burst to combat insecurity within the state.

Makinde said, “I have heard a number of our political leaders jostling around and saying they need to become the president of Nigeria in 2023.

“I think what we’d like at this stage is to secure our people and restructure Nigeria. It doesn’t matter who is that the president in Abuja. during a restructured Nigeria, every corner of the country will feel the impact of the govt . that’s what we’d like .

“May God protect those running around for the presidency till 2022. By that point , we’ll meet and, by then, we’ll get to understand whether it’s restructured Nigeria or Yoruba presidency that we’d like .”

Although he didn’t mention Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress leader had been travelling to some parts of the country while his foot soldiers are going round to solicit support for his presidential ambition.

Makinde lauded Amotekun, saying the impact of the safety agency was being felt everywhere the state.

“If we cannot get state police now, this country will get there. we’ve community policing, but we’d like to try to to better than that. But, within the absence of the state police, we’ve our own Amotekun Corps, and therefore the operatives do alright , “he added.

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