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Exposed: What an underground sex party looks like during Covid-19 pandemic

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that a recent undercover report by TMZ, has shed more light on how people are secretly going against the laid down Covid-19 guidelines by organizing underground swingers party without the consideration of the global pandemic effect.

The secret swingers event was uncovered to have taken its effect since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown without a concern for public health issues. The event which would normally hold in brothels who take medical testing of Participants into consideration, was now secretly taken into the underground space without medical and public health considerations.

The swingers were reported not to be worried about the rising Covid-19 pandemic rate but worried about being nabbed by the law enforcement agencies.


It was also learnt that to have an access to the swingers party (underground sex event), one has to get in touch with a real prostitute who then takes the client for a grilling exercise with the Sole aim of uncovering undercover agents. Clients who passed the grill are given hook ups to the secret party location.

The underground sex events was reported to being held in remote locations including underground hideaways with strict secrecy measures.

Such wild events are reportedly under the security radar as a swingers party was allegedly busted in NYC resulting to the arrest of about 158 party swingers in the L.A County.

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