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Lady graduates despite having a terrible car accident weeks earlier

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A lady named Chienyenwa Eleanor Ajoku has revealed how she achieved her aim of graduating from university of Toledo after she was involved in a terrible car accident weeks earlier.

She had just lost her sister months earlier and father a year before.

Chienyenwa Eleanor Ajoku revealed this via her LinkedIn account.

She wrote: “Six weeks ago, I was in a terrible car accident. I was on my way home when I got hit by an unlicensed cocaine high-drunk driver. My car was pushed into oncoming traffic and collided with two other vehicles. A third vehicle, unable to stop also hit us.” Although she was not responsible, she might need to be prepared, as the other person might approach defense lawyers from the likes of Salwin Law Group, who seem to be good at dealing with DUI charges.

” Long story short, I survived with a broken femur, a broken humerus and bruises. I had two major surgeries and was told it would take a while for me to recover and I would have to move my graduation to spring 2021. I remember texting my advisor (the only visitor allowed to visit me due to Covid restrictions) to bring my laptop and books because I was determined to finish the semester on time.”

“I did my homework and exams even though I was in pain and could barely use my broken dominant arm. By the way, I had just lost my sister 2 months before my accident and was still grieving her, while also grieving my dad who had passed away last year. It was rough, but Jesus was with me.”

“I eventually got discharged as my recovery was fast and today I’m proud to announce that I graduated ON TIME this fall with my degree in Chemical Engineering and minor in Chemistry. I want to thank The University of Toledo and all the faculty for making this dream a real.”

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