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“I decided to Be a Single Mother and I am Happy With That’ Nigerian Lady Says

by Nwani Chisom
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According to reports reaching oyogist.com, a young Nigerian lady, named Olakemi, narrated why she chose to be a single mother and not have a husband, despite the normal.

Olakemi while sharing a post via her official Twitter platform said she took care of her child alone, without the help of her husband.

In her words;

“I love single motherhood. i never wanted a husband. i never wanted the 4 person family. i just wanted it to be me and my baby and i got that. a lot of strangers automatically pity me or look down on me like i failed. but no, i chose this life and it’s one of my greatest successes

“i realllllllly love that my mom was a single mom too tbh. i was practically begging her to leave my daddy out of this shit LMAOOO but she persisted. i literally LOVED just having my mother.

“i’m pretty open about teen motherhood and being a mother in general so you can ask questions. i do truly love it. do i want more? maybe, but i still don’t want a partner or the settled family in a suburb”

“Ask before you assume! my son knows his dad. they talk. i talk to his dad all the time as a friend, about relations and shit. his dad is allowed to be present and we have a good relation. every situation is different.

“forgot to mention, i’m not cisgender or heterosexual. i’m non binary and pansexual. so to everyone here yelling at me that i need to be with a man for my sons well-being..” Olakemi wrote.

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