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Breaking: Formerly incarcerated lawyer, Isaac Wright Jr. announces run for NYC mayor

by Amadu Victor
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According to rwport reaching oyogist.com, a US former incarcerated lawyer, Isaac Wright Jr. has announced his candidacy to run for the New York City Mayoral race.

Isaac Wright was in 1991 wrongfully convicted on drug related charges and was sentenced to life in prison by the court but while in prison custody, Wright studied law and crime behind bars and later went on to court to prove his innocence and the court later found Wright not guilty of the drug charges earlier leveled against him after serving jail term for seven years.

In a statement, Isaac Wright stated; “I understood law enforcement in such a way that I was able to get a law enforcement officer, a veteran, to actually come clean and admit fault, even though he was facing prison time,” Wright said in a new interview with People announcing his candidacy.

“The years of dealing with those issues allowed me to take that experience and individually turn an officer around. I think I could do the same thing with the NYPD.”


“Just a look at the face of the officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck is indicative of the cause behind what he was doing,” Wright continued. “His face showed no concern. There was absolutely not an iota of [comprehension of] what he was doing … But there’s a bigger picture: the true blame. The blame in totality should be put on the system.”


Isaac Wright is a practicing attorney and also an executive producer of the ABC drama series, ‘For Life’ which was inspired and motivated by his own life story. Wright was born to a military family and is said to have lived in almost every borough.

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