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Packed trucks and trailers on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to vacate – FG ordered

by Mustapha Olamide
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The federal government has ordered truck parking and trailers in Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to vacate with immediate effects.The government lamented that pouring used oil products is capable of destroying the road.Minister of Work and Housing, Babatunde Fashola said this on Saturday at the Stakeholder town Hall meeting held at the end of the Ogere Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.Fashola accompanied by the Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abodun, said the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway constructed in 1974 and completed in 1978 was to promote North-South commercial activities.Fashola, reacting to truck and trailer driver activities at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway told the officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps to enforce traffic compliance on the Federal Highway.The minister blamed the truck and trailer driver activities on the delay in completion of work in Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.Fashola when talking to them said, “The point is that truck operations and trailers are businesses if you want to run a fleet, then you have to plan parking. If the government helps you, the government does it because of compassion but you cannot run your business at the expense of comfort and Millions of people’s livelihoods.”So, it’s hard to find money and the road that is difficult to build, you have started pouring diesel on it, which is the beginning of the destruction of the road and my appeal to you today is to leave the road from today, immediately.”Parking on the highway is a violation of the Federal Highway Act that you have (FRSC) has the duty to enforce, so, work with stakeholders, truck owners, Kabiyesi (monarchs) and the state government, let’s find an immediate way to Resolve this problem so that the contractor can complete their work and respond to people who say it (Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Project) takes too much time.”This is part of the delay and it is not only to build the road but also to ensure that the road is used correctly and not misused.”Pouring diesel on the road, changing oil (engine oil) on the road is the abuse of the road. It must stop in the interest of the truckers themselves because without road, you don’t have a business. Let’s understand.”

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