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U.K Prime Minister refers to Donald Trump as “Previous President”

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson mistakenly referred to President Trump as the “previous president” on Wednesday as he sought to defend their amicable relationship, a sign of how even some world leaders who have a close tie to Trump are beginning to move on from the lame duck even as he refuses to concede.

Addressing the House of Commons on Wednesday, Johnson spoke about the details of a “refreshing” and “excellent” conversation he had with President-elect Joe Biden in which the two politicians went over both countries’ commitment to human rights, NATO, global free trade, and to combating climate change. 

Labour MP Angela Eagle sarcastically asked Johnson whether he had any “advice” for his “erstwhile best friend” Trump, “whose continuing refusal to accept the results is both embarrassing for him and dangerous for American democracy?”

Johnson, chuckling, acknowledged he “had and has a good relationship to the previous president,” referring to Trump, and claimed it was the “duty” of all British prime ministers to “have a good relationship with the White House.” 

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