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Spanish leaks reveals arbitration fraud in Barcelona and Real Madrid’s “El-Clasico”

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the pro-Barcelona newspaper “Sport” has reportedly revealed that the Catalan club had obtained leaked information indicating that the ruling of his match with Real Madrid in the “Clasico de la Land” last Saturday, which ended with Real Madrid winning 3-1, had deliberately awarded a penalty in favor of “Merengue” captain Sergio Ramos.

The newspaper said: “The assistant referee told the arena referee, Martinez Monoeira, that Ramos committed a foul against Barcelona defender Longlet before the penalty kick, but this information was completely ignored by the referee and indicated that there was a penalty kick.”

And she explained that “Barcelona Barcelona is considering requesting audio recordings between the referees to prove the existence of tampering in the match.”


Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman believes that the penalty kick was incorrect and negatively affected the course of the match, which would have resulted in another result if it was not counted.

Koeman said in a statement to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “Arbitration played a decisive role in the loss of his team, saying. We played well and created opportunities, and in the second half also we were good, and we did not deserve to lose, and I did not understand some of the referee’s decisions, and the decisions affected the outcome.”

The newspaper also pointed out that the Barcelona coach was threatened with punishment because of his statements about video technology.

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