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Geologist Discover Tectonic Plate Lost 60 Million Years Ago

by Nwani Chisom
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A tectonic plate allegedly lost for 60 million years has been found under the Pacific Ocean and reconstructed by scientists at the University of Houston.

The plate which was known as resurrection was believed by many scientists never to have existed.

Others believe it may have directly resulted in the volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, known as the Ring of Fire.

Jonny Wu, assistant professor of geology in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, said thus in a statement;

“Volcanoes form at plate boundaries, and the more plates you have, the more volcanoes you have,”

“Volcanoes also affect climate change. So, when you are trying to model the earth and understand how climate has changed since time, you really want to know how many volcanoes there have been on earth.” He said.

“We believe we now have direct evidence that the Resurrection plate existed,” the study’s lead author, Spencer Fuston, added. “We are also trying to solve a debate and advocate for which side our data supports.”

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