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Pakistan is prepared to talk after amilitary clash a year ago

by Mustapha Olamide
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Yusuf said there was a need for Kashmir dispute and the issues around 'terrorism' to be on the agenda for talks with India [File: Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP]

Pakistan is prepared to sit down for talk with local opponent India, with whom it approached a full scale military clash a year ago, given that Kashmiris are given a seat at the table, Pakistan’s public security counselor has said.

“I will disclose to you truly, in the previous year, we’ve gotten messages about a craving for discussion [from India],” Moeed Yusuf revealed to Indian writer Karan Thapar during a wide-running meeting on Tuesday.

Yusuf prompts Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on public security and key arrangement.

“We must think deliberately. These are two nations, have horrible relations, we have to plunk down like grown-ups,” he told Thapar. “There are [… ] generally two issues: Kashmir and illegal intimidation. I need to discuss both.”

Yusuf likewise blamed India for supporting equipped gatherings that do assaults on Pakistani soil.

He said Pakistan had explicit proof connecting India’s knowledge administrations to the 2014 slaughter of in excess of 130 students in Peshawar, a 2019 assault on a lavish inn in southern Pakistan, a 2018 assault on a Chinese office in Karachi and the ongoing merger of a few Pakistani Taliban groups into a solitary gathering.

The meeting, led on occasion in a contentious tone, was the first run through a senior Pakistani authority had addressed Indian news media since August 2019, when India repudiated an uncommon status for the segment of the contested domain of Kashmir that it directs.

The Pakistani NSA said there was a requirement for the Kashmir debate and issues around “psychological warfare” to be on the plan for any future talks.

“There are three gatherings to the Kashmir debate. There is Pakistan, there is India and there is the chief party, the people called Kashmiris,” said Yusuf.

“In the event that the Kashmiris can’t stand seeing India, can’t stand to be in similar room as the Indians, how are we going to have an exchange?”

Yusuf didn’t indicate which gathering or people he implied explicitly when he required the “Kashmiris” to be an aspect of the discussions.

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