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‘Policemen Who See Themselves Bigger Than Nigerians Should Get Another Job Elsewhere’ – Babajide Says

by Amadu Victor
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As the protests to end Special Anti-Robbery Squads brutalites and killings continue in the country, popular veteran journalist on TVC has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President’s statements on ending SARS, oyogist.com reports.

Speaking on Monday edition of Journalists Hangout today, he said: It is the will of the people that has prevailed. I am happy the government describe the agitation as representing genuine concern.

“It is significant so that psycophants who do not see anything good in the fact that people are agitating for simple and responsible sets of the police would now see that even the President that they are supporting blindly does not believe that people should be killed freely on our streets. It is significant that this is coming from the President. And that the agitations are springing from genuine concern.”

“That is what I take away from the President speech. And we also heard the Vice President talking about the fact that law enforcement must meet the expectations of Nigeria people. They are paid from the taxes Nigerians pay. Policemen or soldiers should not see themselves as bigger than the people.”


“If you want to see yourself as bigger than the people, then they should get another job. As long as you are there to protect lives and properties, you conduct must be exemplary. This is what we have asked for over time and it can’t be wrong. The people demand for that.”

Debunking allegations made in some quarters online that TVC didn’t support the aspiration of Nigerian people, Babajide said: “nothing can be farther than the truth, the agitators for EndSARS went to the Lagos State House of Assembly at midnight, we covered it. We were there with them at midnight.”

“On Saturday, we also covered the protest on the Island. And we left that for the home of rude boy, a former member of the defunct Psquare to interview him as one of the leading light in this agitation. So, why are people saying we didn’t want the story to be aired? “

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