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US Suspends Plans to Ban Tiktok

by Nwani Chisom
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Tiktok ban

An order which was imposed by US President, Donald Trump to ban the popular video sharing app TikTok from smartphone app stores in the US has been temporarily blocked.

Recall that earlier this year, President Trump said TikTok was a threat to national security and it must either sell its US operations to US companies or be barred from the country, but in a ruling which followed an emergency hearing on Sunday morning, Tiktok lawyers argued that the ban would infringe on the company’s First Amendment rights and do irreparable harm to the business.

TikTok lawyer John Hall said that TikTok is more than an app, since it functions as a “modern day version of a town square”.”If that prohibition goes into effect at midnight, the consequences immediately are grave,” Mr Hall said.

There has been a more comprehensive ban scheduled for November, about a week after the presidential election.

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