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TikTok To Ban Some Adverts on its platform

by Nwani Chisom
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Tiktok to ban some of its Adverts

Popular video sharing app, TikTok has revealed in a statement that it would ban advertisements that promote fasting apps and weight loss supplements, following its policy to restrict advert of products that amplify body shaming, the company said.

Tiktok also said that it will also place bans on advertisements with exaggerated claims in diet and weight loss products.

It said adverts weight management products would only reach users aged 18 or above.

Further restrictions are also put in place to “limit irresponsible claims made by products that promote weight loss management or control.” The statement read in part.

Also, adverts that promotes weight loss or weight management products and services cannot “promote a negative body image or negative relationship with food.”

The statement read;

“As a society, weight stigma and body shaming pose both individual and cultural challenges, and we know that the internet, if left uncheckerhas the risk of exacerbating such issues. “That’s why we’re focused on working to safeguard our community from harmful content and behaviour while supporting an inclusive, and body-positive, environment.”

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