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BBNaija: Neo and Vee had a fight.

by Jibson
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When we are going through ‘ships it is only natural to go through ups and downs. We can see this clearly in the House and of course, we tend to watch a little closer when the clouds darken and the cruise becomes unstable.

Today, we witnessed a tiff between Vee and Neo and as time moves on we are told Neo’s side of the story.

He feels that Vee has been unfair towards him particularly when he was sick and needed to eat, he caught flack from Vee for eating without him. From Vee’s side, what we have heard so far is that Neo was disrespectful in telling her to ‘F%$& off!’ in public, she also told Neo in no uncertain terms that if he does that to her in public again, she would ‘Call it off’.

Neo maintained that he tried to maintain peace with Vee in multiple ways, bending over backwards for her much for her every day.

Woah. There is a lot happening here, so naturally, Neo went to seek advice from some of the other Housemates.

The fight took place this morning in the hair salon where Praise asked Neo not to confront Vee in the salon.

He worked his way back and forth between the couple, asking that they do not fight here in the salon, at some point telling Vee that in this situation, Neo was merely a salon person here to support.

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