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BBNaija: Dorathy and Vee had an outburst

by Jibson
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The Housemates had a fantastic time during their Wager earlier this evening, apart from very few issues. Biggie had to put some in their place by dishing out warnings and reminding them of rules, while Housemates completed their Challenges.

In the midst of all this though, while Vee was blindfolded and kicking the ball to the net, some Housemates laughed and she did not take it lightly.

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Laycon continuously kept Vee motivated as he whispered “You’re the best” over and over. Still, she needed to concentrate and requested the Housemates to give her a chance when she remarked, “I need silence. Do not say a freaking word.” They did not stop, however, and the commentary got slightly louder until someone laughed.

Vee managed to finish her turn and immediately after, shouted “Whoever was laughing in that group, I swear to God, do not speak to me ever again!” adding “Do you know how disheartening that thing was?!” as she was carried off by her teammates. Vee burst into tears from the situation as she was calmed by her team.

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During their wind-down session, Vee was outside with the Housemates where wathoni raised a concern that Vee was using unsavoury language, for which Vee apologised.

When Praise raised that the outburst was uncalled for, Vee also apologised. Ozo asked her to leave it alone, to which Vee said she had let it go. Neo and Kiddwaya tried to play go-between for Dorathy and Vee and bring them together to talk, but both ladies refused to speak to each other.

Dorathy did not understand why Vee took it so seriously, telling the gents “Neo, you know I don’t like to have problems with anybody. Four weeks here, have you seen me argue? It’s simple, it’s a game.” The gents left without joy, and decided to leave it alone.

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After the Housemates went their separate ways, Neo got a chance to check in with Vee alone. It turns out Vee was still quite upset with Dorathy. Neo asked a simple question “Do you want this kind of energy inside you?” to which Vee responded “No I don’t, but every time I see Dora’s face I’m gonna get pissed off.” 

Neo followed up with ‘It’s not worth it’, to which Vee responded, “It’s not worth it, but right now I am still a bit irritated.” Neo came back with ‘It’s not worth it, just focus on something else’ before he put his forehead on her forehead and told her, “I’m really proud of you” adding, “You did really good.” 

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