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Love: Lady Got Proposed To By a Man She Met on Twitter

by Mustapha Olamide
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A lady came on twitter to express her joy after a man she met on twitter proposed to her.

The lady with tge username @_Olayimika posted yesterday August 5, 2020 on her twitter timeline that “2 years later… I said Yes to my bestfriend @SamSoja  #startedfromtheDM”.

This has brought about different comments and different reactions from twitter users. Among which are;

Shei it’s this Same Twitter that all of us are on.. Why is it that it’s only Ndi ala ndi ala that used to come to my own DM.. Issokay… @DerahO

Congratulations to you both, God bless your union. I have vowed never to dm any of my female follower again as though most of them be forming woke… To avoid story that touches the heart 😄 @littlesaint2080

Is it this same twitter? Why are you people not in my dm @Mariemissthing

Lol…Reasonable people are everywhere. Theirs was destined to happen on the 🐦 app, others too should also stand a chance but it’s still the same people that still choose to be close minded to allow that happen. Congrats to them all the same… @rockloden

There are other comments which you can read on the aforementioned twitter handle.

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