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BREAKING: Shoprite denies Nigeria exit rumor

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The management of ShopRite Nigeria has debunked rumors that the company is leaving Nigeria, OYOgist.com reports.

The Country Director for Chastex Consult, Ini Archibong, confirmed in a telephone conversation with Vanguard, said: “Shoprite is not leaving Nigeria.

“We have only just opened to Nigerian investors which we have also been talking to just before now. We are not leaving, who leaves over a $30billion investment and close shop? It doesn’t sound right.”

“We only gave this opportunity to Nigeria investors to come in and also help drive our expansion plan in Nigeria. So we are not leaving.

“I have tried to say this to many people as I can. There should be no panic at all and all of that. There is no truth in that report.”

According to reports by Shoprite, as a result of the lockdown, customers’ visits declined 7.4 per cent but the average basket spends increased by 18.4 per cent, also, many South African retail stores left Nigeria which made the company to struggle.

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