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Shocking:A lot of people have been left amazed as a lady regrets being a doctor.

by Mustapha Olamide
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Early on sunday morning, a tweeter user with the user name @taoleighgoffe posted on her timeline that she regrets bagging her Phd at the age of 26.

She said “I finished my PhD at 26. I regret this. Take time off between grad school and undergrad. Live your life. Defer, read, work, explore, party, save, make art, sleep. Don’t rush. Grad school is not the safety net you think it is. The degree will be there when you’re done. Enjoy life!”

A lot of Twitter users are left amazed by what she said which made them to be expressing their wish by accomplishing that same target.

Out of the comment twitter users are saying are;

“Please don’t regret anything. You did well to choose that path. I sometimes wish I did my tertiary education while in my 20s but no. I instead went on a life adventure of understanding men. Sucked some dicks here and there, got pregnant, broke off an engagement…And relationships. Now I’m 30 and doing my degree🤷🏽‍♀️” @keishaMuyiwa

“Did my MA after 11 yrs of teaching and the lightbulbs went off in ways they didn’t during my BEd. I also no longer cared about grades, which was freeing. Now considering starting a PhD as I complete almost 2 decades of teaching. Is 44 too old for a PPhD?” @Kimberleyjuly

“Worst advice ever. Lots of us with PhDs enjoyed it and continue to enjoy our lives. This discourages minorities from pursuing PhDs, and those who wait are less likely to finish. How tragic this kind of nonsense gains traction.” @hehawaiiau

“I wouldn’t doubt that she has a worthless degree tbh. In that case, it was the worst mistake. But she’s focusing on the wrong aspect. Not the PhD but getting a PhD in a useless degree” @leyncho

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