“Personal Finance: Lessons My Driver Taught Me” by Bayo Adeyinka

“Personal Finance: Lessons My Driver Taught Me” by Bayo Adeyinka

A Finance enthusiast, Bayo Adeyinka, has shared some tips to help adults become better with finance, reports.

He shared to his Twitter, @greaterbayo, tips he learnt to be better with money from his driver;

“Mr Biliaminu Lawal was one of the pool drivers in the bank I worked for circa 2005. He was humble to a fault and always called everyone, ‘Oga mi’ (my boss).”

“He was a widower and had 3 grown up children. On a certain day, I was on a sales call and Lawal was on the wheels. Like I used to do at that time, I sat at the ‘owner’s corner’ in the pool car. It was in Ibadan and we were on our way to Akobo- Ojurin”.

“Personal Finance: Lessons My Driver Taught Me” by Bayo Adeyinka

“Lawal normally minds his business as he leaves you to your thoughts. But on that day, as he drove past a particular junction, he pointed at a house down the road, cleared his throat and said, ‘Oga mi, that’s my house down the street’.”

This was when Bayo re-evaluated and thought he could do more, build his own house, as he didn’t own one at the time, while Lawson who earned “less than N40,000” did.

“Mr Lawal taught me that money is a limited resource. In other words, one can never have enough to meet all of one’s needs.”

“I observed that Mr Lawal was a compulsive saver. If you give him a tip, he would thank you profusely and keep it. If you want to buy him lunch, he would prefer it is monetized and he would save the money”.

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