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Frustrated last born writes open letter to family over chores, lazy siblings

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A frustrated last born of a family of 5 has written an open letter to their family calling the older siblings out for being “lazy” and declaring an intention to not carry out any chores that are not required by the parents, OYOGist.com has gathered.

The open letter titled, “To Everyone Living in the Jones Residence” takes a jab at the older siblings of the unnamed author whose gender is not yet known.

He or she accused their older sisters named Michelle and Mirabelle being too bossy and doing nothing in the house except watch “films” and order her around.

The last born also accused their sisters of pushing the responsibilities of taking care of the family dog named Zyron on them alone. “Note to my sisters: We’re all owners of Zyron, he is a family dog. I will feed him when its possible for me, Mr and Mrs Jones (Mummy and Daddy) also do the same,” the last born vented.

The last born said it was insulting for her sister to then ask them why the dog, Zyron, has not been fed.

The last born wrote, “My sisters asking me why I have not fed Zyron while they are in the house is insulting. I’m not your house help. You both did not hire me.”

Read the full letter below:

open letter from last born to family

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