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BREAKING: Here’s who hacked Elon Musk, Bill Gates, others on Twitter

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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On Wednesday, 15th of July, a massive hacking raid went on Twitter with the Twitter accounts of prominent American business, political, and corporate entities falling victim.

The hacker demanded that their followers send Bitcoin payments into certain accounts often with the promise to double the payments. Read about the Twitter hack that got Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barrak Obama and others.

It was reported that within the 30 minutes that the hack took place, the hacker amassed 12.86131944 BTC (valued at $116,671.97, as of Thursday, 16th of July).

OYOGist.com has tried to piece together who the hacker could be, and we’ll be laying out a list of possible suspects in this article.

While some of the entities indentified here might be serious suspects, OYOGist.com makes no claim of certainty that these individuals did actually carry out the massive hack.

Let’s go!

State entities:

Our first suspect would be a state entity. To carry out a hack of this massive scale would take resources that a regular hacker may not have access to. These are not only technological resourses, but would also include financial and military resources, coupled with an agenda.

Trump’s Twitter account was not hacked, even though, Joe Biden’s was.

The two prime suspects that would come to mind are China and North Korea.

This would not be far from what Russia could do, given that embarrassing a major anti-Trump American corporation such as Twitter, and at a time very close to one of the most spectacular elections in American history, would make a lot of sense.

Russia could simply do it to embarrass Twitter. By the way, who was not hacked? You guessed it, Trump himself.

Why China? Only a few days ago, on the behest of the Trump-led-US, Huawei, a major Chinese telecom provider was banned in the UK. Read about the UK banning Huawei 5G in the UK. To get back at America, China might as well have carried out the hacking.

North Korea: it’s pretty obvious, several years of sanctions and add the negative impact of COVID-19 on the isolated country’s economy, and racking in a couple of millions worth of dollars in untraceable Bitcoins is a pretty good way to make some money.

Plain good ol’ hackers

Other suspects that come to mind would be some plain good old, but yet sophisticated hackers. These are not the typical hackers that steal your passwords just to embarrass you by uploading your nudes, but hackers that are already institutionalized and have a serious financial agenda.

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