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Nigerians React as Dubai Firm Bars Nigerians From Job

by John Asama
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Social media users have reacted angrily to a job opening posted online by a Dubai recruitment firm which excluded Nigerians.

According to reports reaching oyogist.com, the the firm, Shirley Recruitment Consultants Dubai, had said in the vacancy posted three days ago that it was looking for merchandisers.

Among the requirements for the full-time job is that the applicant should be an African.

It, however, says the applicant must not be a Nigerian.

On Nairaland, some Nigerians said the recent arrest of an alleged internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, might have contributed to the firm’s decision.

Others said the image of Nigeria was being battered by the various news of corruption and internet scam emanating from the country.

“Nigerians, inclusive of leaders and citizens, have trampled on the image of the country. If only Nigerians know how Nigeria and Nigerians are perceived abroad, then Nigerians will not be quick to praise internet fraudsters.

“There is a systematic problem with leadership, followership, and our value system. No respect for dignity in labour, thieves, and persons of questionable character get chieftaincy tittles and in religious centers, they are given ‘high table’ during fundraising. We have taken the bull by the horn it didn’t work it’s time we think out of the box and look inward in a bid to change the narrative,” candyguyofficia wrote.

Another member of the forum with the alias, dapsoneh, posted a Google search of different job vacancies in Dubai which expressly forbade Nigerians from applying.

He called this ‘The Hushpuppi phenomenon’.

“The irony is that the bulk of that money was spent to the advantage of the Dubai economy with his foolish luxury lifestyle. He kept buying expensive cars while paying tax to the Dubai government, spent a fortune on hotels to impress on the gram, all going to UAE pockets.

“The same stupid govt that’s been a major beneficiary of Hushpuppi’s largesse is painting every Nigerian with legit hustling bad,” he added.

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A user, loneprof, said the companies should realise that no African country had the skills and qualifications of Nigerians, who are mostly hard-working.

He wondered why the bad actions of a few people were being used to judge the character of over 200 million Nigerians.

“Lately our image across the world has been terrible. A country where the anti-corruption boss was detained for being corrupt,” another member, Valves, wrote.

See sscreenshots of the job advert and others below;

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