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Adesua Etomi is Not a Good Actress, Nigerian Lady Reacts After Watching Sugar Rush

by John Asama
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A Nigerian lady identified on twitter as @JennaOkojie has shared her thoughts about Nollywood Actress, Adesua Etomi’s Acting, oyogist.com reports.

She opined that the actress is not as good as most people rate her and that she was favoured for movie roles probably because of her skin colour.

She wrote;

Re Sugar Rush: Adesua Etomi is a beautiful soul but she isn’t a good actor. I understand that probably Colorism and favoritism may be responsible for her getting roles on a regular but let’s be honest. Tobi that wasn’t initially a great actor did better as an actor in this movie

We need to have honest conversations with ourselves if we want to move forward and be taken seriously. I don’t think she’s terrible but I also don’t think she’s as good as we make it out to believe. There’s room for growth and as a fan, I’m ready to see her break boundaries.

Also, in case you’re one of those who’ll come here to note how I’m talent less or whatever, note; I know I cannot act but I really don’t want my favorite person remaining average. We all can do better.

For clarity abeg, I am light-skinned and she’s my fave. I said ‘probably’ which implies that there are possibilities. I am also allowed to make observations and she’s free to accept them in good faith or not. Do not weep in my mentions.”

However, her opinion didn’t go well with many Nigerians as there has been serious backlash and counter-claim. Some of the reactions gathered by oyogist.com are below;

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A twitter user @Omojuwa reacting to the claim wrote:

“Anyone who says Adesua isn’t a good actor is a hater. They may not even know it themselves. But that’s the only reason you’d watch all her role interpretations then come with a conclusion like that. It’s either conscious or subconscious hating.”

Another twitter User @MistaChika wrote:

“It must be crack for you to think adesua is not a good actress. It’s OK to have an unpopular opinion but try not to downplay someone’s talent.”

@yettyclassy wrote;

“For the amount of work Adesua Etomi-Wellington (the name dey always burst my dada) puts into her movies, it’s unfair to say that it’s her complexion that gets her movie roles. It’s so untrue. Absolutely untrue.”

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