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Dr Olufunmilayo denies abuse allegations made against him by former lover

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Online influencer and doctor, Dr. Olufunmilayo has rebuffed sexual and emotional abuse laid against him in new word picture post, OYOGist.com reports.

Read earlier accusations;


According to Olufunmilayo, he started with Bola Aseyan as friends. Then they discussed about Bola visiting. Her first Visa attempt failed. She tried again. It was successful.

When she eventually came, they started living together. The first time they had sex, according to him, was accidental under influence of alcohol.

She then thought to accuse Dr Olufunmilayo of rape so he had to dissolve the relationship.

They had an argument after and she thought to pack out but Dr Olufunmilayo begged so she stayed back. This time, they had sex again “consented”.

This was when Bola Aseyan allegedly started to show some attitude Olufunmilayo was not familiar with, threatening to spew lies against him.

Dr Funmilayo made a twitter “thread” two days ago talking about bleaching and it’s dangers which Bola Aseyan did not feel comfortable with because she sells bleaching creams aside also being a doctor. She packed her belongings and left Olufunmilayo’s house.

Funmilayo affirms that he didn’t sexually abuse her or abuse her emotionally either. He also alleged that she has a reputation of very bad character.

Dr. Olufunmilayo has decided to take legal actions against Bola Aseyan.

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