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The EU will be reopening its borders but may exclude Americans

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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After months of lockdown due to measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the tourism-friendly travel continent is looking at re-opening its borders to the outside world, OYOGist.com has gathered.

Starting July 1, the European countries will begin to reopen their borders to each other in an effort to kickstart the economy through tourism, but will be keeping citizens of the US out of their country. This is thanks to the high cases of coronavirus in the US and the Travel ban on Europeans by America’s Donald Trump.

The leaders of the European countries are still considering what COVID-19 criteria will guide the reopening and welcoming of tourists into their countries.

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Citizens from countries such as the United States of America and Brazil are unlikely to be accepted to come into Europe as cases in the two American nations are the highest in the world.

Coronavirus Cases in Brazil as of the 24th of June is 1,157,451 while total deaths are now 52,951. In the USA, there are 2,441,012 confirmed cases, with the deaths already at 123,840.

Aside from high coronavirus cases in the US, Trump’s decision on the 11th of March to ban travels from Shengen countries from entering the US is enough to trigger a ban on Americans, experts said. The ban will affect 10 million Europeans that travel to the US annually.

Initially, the travel restrictions within all EU countries are expected to be lifted. Concerning the rules to be applied to Member States, the EU Commission said “it cannot be applied selectively.”

However, the rules on which countries can travel into the EU will be reviewed every two weeks with a goal to re-adjust the conditions for entering.

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