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Bill Gates In Trouble As ‘Expose Bill Gates’ Is Trending Worldwide

by Amadu Victor
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Bill Gates is in a big mess as Expose Bill Gates is trending worldwide on Twitter and the whole world is serious about it. Bill Gates is being linked by many people to different controversies and one Twitter user said that Bill Gates immunization vaccine caused more 46, 000 polio cases.

They want Bill Gates to be investigated thoroughly especially with his involvement with medical aspects saying that his activities are very suspicious. It was Africans rejection of Bill Gates vaccines that opened many can of worms which have now been taken over by other countries especially Bill Gates own country, the United States. The citizens want the government to establish a special panel that will investigate the activities of Bill Gates.


Bill Gates have said it time without number that the world needs his vaccines which is the reason he is financing the production of 20 different vaccines for the cure of Coronavirus for which he said he deserves some accolades. These vaccines of Bill Gates are being tested in Missouri, United States after some people volunteered to be used for the trials and experiment.

Bill Gates present in Africa is obvious especially his health care activities. If Bill Gates is actually investigated, then his activities in Africa will also be investigated. Hopefully, people are praying that the government harken and set up a panel for ‘exposing Bill Gates’.

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