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Jesus Christ is Not My Saviour – Daddy Freeze

by Amadu Victor
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According to report reaching OYOGist.com, popular media personality, Daddy Freeze has taken to the social media to denounced Jesus as his saviour, the controversial “On Air Personality” posted on his Instagram page on Sunday that he is not for Jesus.

In his Instagram post he said he believes that Jesus Christ is a fake and fabricated individual by the white people to brainwashed Africans and that Jesus existed at all.

Daddy Freeze said his own saviour is Yeahua which is been interpreted as Christ in Hebrew language. Freeze continued by saying, he understand and speaks English but he totally refused to worship the version of God been promoted by the white men.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

Daddy Freeze further said, by rejecting Jesus and accepting Yeshua, he cut out the colonial master narratives about Jesus. Freeze said the salvation of Jesus first came to Ethiopia, a country in Africa in the book of Acts Chapter 8.

Daddy Freeze said he speaks the foreign language fluently, spend their currency and also visits foreign countries with gladness of heart but reject to accept Jesus as saviour. Refusing to bow and knee down to ‘Jesus’ is the greatest act of protest a black man can ever undertake.

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