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BREAKING: Anonymous exposes Trump’s alleged involvement in Epstein’s death

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Earlier today, OYOGist.com shared a series of videos released by the hactivism group known as Anon or Anonymous vowing to come after the American government and the American police for its involvement in the murder of unarmed black man, George Folyd by white Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

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Watch the videos below:


Following this broadcast by the group, in less than 12 hours, several damning allegations against highly placed individuals in the United States of America have emerged from the group.


America’s President, Donald Trump was fingered by the group for being responsible for the murder of child-sex offender Epstien who died of apparent suicide while in jail awaiting trial.

Documents shared by several Twitter pages associated to the hacktivist group have been circulating alleging the President’s involvement in a sexual offense case that linked Jeffrey Epstein.


Meanwhile, earlier reports have also revealed that Anon have taken down both the Minneapolis Police Department’s website and that of the Minneapolis State’s Official website according to a report by Variety.

The murder of George Floyd has sparked ongoing unrest and national protests across America.

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