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Politician Fakes Death After Breaking Curfew Rules

by John Asama
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Jamie Torres, Mayor of a small town in Peru, jumped into an open casket and pretended to be dead when police arrived to arrest him for breaching lockdown rules.

The mayor was pictured in a coffin with a face mask pretending to be dead to avoid arrest after breaking curfew rules to go drinking with friends.

According to Dailymail, Torres was pictured lying in an open casket wearing a face mask when Police officers came to arrest him in the town of Tantará, in the south of the country.

The Mayor has previously been accused by locals of failing to take the threat of the virus seriously and failing to implement safety precautions in the town.

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He was also accused of failing to put in proper safety checks to ensure people from outside the town don’t come into the town.

Police says he violated curfew and social distancing laws in order to drink liquor with his friends and was drunk when he was arrested.

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