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Just In: New Zealand declares victory against Covid 19

by Amadu Victor
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According to report reaching OYOGist.com, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Aden have reportedly said that the country has curbed the widespread spread of the new crown virus, undiscovered communities, and will relax the ban on the evening of the 27th local time.

Ardern said New Zealand avoided the worst of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, but will continue to fight the epidemic. “New Zealand has no widespread, undiscovered community transmissions. We have already won the fight against the epidemic. But if we want to maintain this situation, we must be vigilant,” Aden said.

At 11:59 pm on the 27th, New Zealand will lift the four-level blockade that has been implemented for more than four weeks. Previously, businesses were closed, schools were closed, and everyone was required to stay at home unless they went to the supermarket to shop or take a short walk.

OYOGist.com reports


Aden said that if the four-level blockade policy is not implemented, it is impossible to imagine what will happen. Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of the Ministry of Health, said the virus had been eliminated. This does not mean zero confirmed cases. Health officials say they know where all new cases come from. When asked if New Zealand had eliminated the new coronavirus, Ardern expressed optimism: “Yes.”

Now in New Zealand, the infection rate of the new coronavirus has dropped to 0.4, that is, one patient can infect 0.4 people, while the international infection rate of the new coronavirus is 2.5.

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Emma April 27, 2020 - 9:24 pm

They are doing something others are not doing


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