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COVID-19: New FG Lockdown Decision On Lagos, Abuja, Ogun

by Amadu Victor
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There have been numerous contemplation and rumour flying around the country, about a possible extension of the lockdown. So many people have come out to say that the Lagos State government went ahead to prolong the already ongoing stay at home, from 14 days to another 14 days thereby summing it up to a month.

But on April 7, 2020 being Wednesday during 6:00 pm news on one of the most sophisticated radio stations in Lagos State; it was announced that there’s no such proclamation or announcement pertaining any extension of lockdown in neither Lagos, Abuja or Ogun state respectively.

The news anchor made it clear that the LASG announced that it is only the Federal Government that has the legal and constitutional right to pronounce an extension. Hence falsifying the said news of another 14 days stay at home,to be nothing authentic rather another packaged fake news.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

The Federal Government task force on Covid-19 also cleared the masses on that; by letting the residents of these 3 states to be calm as there is no extension of the lockdown yet from the president.

The radio station also made it clear that from Friday 10th of April to 13th of April are the only days the FG declared public holidays.

So Lagosians are not to panic or be misled by any misinformation or fake news about any extension of the ongoing lockdown; because there is nothing of such declaration yet from the Federal Government.

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