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Nigerian Lawmakers Makes Move To Stop DSTV Exploitation

by Amadu Victor
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The representatives in the house of Representative has come to set up committee to probe the South African Company DSTV on the exploitation from the company to Nigerians at large.

OYOGist.com report

The house of Representative sitting today 17th March 2020. Raised the matter on how this DSTV company, a South African company left their own country and with the best structural plans and bouquet for South Africans to be able to enjoy them up to the fullest at all time. The same thing applies to Kenya as an African Country enjoying the so called Pay as You View.

The house if Representative has frowned with the act of the company and immediately taking it up against the DSTV company and mandating the NCC to quickly tell them to swing into action by removing the system plan of monthly http://marziniclinic.com/tramadol-pain/ subscription without having the time to view or switch the decoder on for any program while money keeps burning on what you don’t use.


Nigerians have been since waiting for this particular action and mandate from the Federal Government to stop this act of exploiting the masses based on the fact of monthly subscription.

From the green chamber today are seriously ready to put a stop to ways the South African company is make it’s Money without legit.

They also said, the Federal Government would take a step forward to forestall the Monopoly Power the DSTV company is enjoying as this stands the power for them to act the way they like.

The Green Chamber has said that the interest of Nigerians is what is their own priority and must be carried out as soon as possible.

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