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Abdulrahman Must Bow – Lai Mohammed

by Amadu Victor
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Alhaji Lai Muhammed allegedly nursing the ambition of contesting for topmost Kwara’s position come 2023.

The information gotten from a source revealed the Kwara APC crisis as Alhaji Lai Muhammed vowed that the crises in the party will not end any soon except if the Governor bows to him as a leader.


The information minister who was reported to have planned to contest 2023 gubernatorial election has supported Kwara North candidate, Mall. Yamah to emerge as the Governorship candidate in 2019 so that if he had emerged lai can easily wrestle power from him when 2023 elections approach..

“It was a rude shock to Lai when he received the news of Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq as the preferred candidate of the party but Alhaji had not choice than to obey the instruction from jagaban” a source said.

It was also revealed that gbemi Saraki was also backing Lai on Yamah for the obvious intention that she did not want power transferred to any family in Ilorin other than Saraki family.

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