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Mourinho React As Eric Dier Punches Fan

by Amadu Victor
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A melee ensued with Dier and his brother being led away by stewards but not before fan footage appeared to catch the midfielder swinging a punch at his own fan.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho condemned Dier’s actions but admitted they were understandable, revealing he was just standing up for his family over comments made to them.

“I think Eric Dier did something that we professionals, we cannot do, but in these circumstances, I think everyone of us will do,” said Mourinho.


“Because when somebody insults you and your family is there and your family gets involved with the person insulting you, in this case a younger brother, I think Eric did what we professionals we cannot do. But I repeat, probably every one of us would do.

“If the club discipline Eric Dier I would not agree with it, but what he did was wrong.”

Mourinho also took a swipe at the fans seated in that area, suggesting they were not ‘real’ fans, and just a privileged few who were sat in the corporate seats thanks to an “invitation”.

“The fans, they were with the team until the last penalty kick that we missed,” he added.

“The people that is in these privileged positions, in this area of the tunnel, of course some are Tottenham fans but I think a lot of corporation, a lot of invitation, a lot of people with some special status and probably it’s the place of the stadium where I have sometimes doubts that if they are the real, the real Tottenham fans.

“Because these ones [real fans] are the ones that supported the balls until the last one. This person insulted Eric, the family was there and the young brother was not happy with the situation. He said

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