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Police nab, grill professional beggar who owns 4 houses and 3 cars

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, Police has nabbed a grill professional beggar who owns four houses and three cars.

The professional beggar who is a woman named Simibiatu Omopelola, a 51-years old.

In an interview with her made available to oyogist.com, she revealed how she was exposed by a young child.

Q: The person that exposed you, who is she to you?

A: She is my tenant, she leaves in my hose.

Q: Why did you shout that he is a thief and was almost beaten up in the market?

A: She called me the first time, i winkled at her, then she did it again, so when she did it repeatedly, i had to call her thief before she exposes me but what i didnt want to expose was later exposed.

Q: How many years have you been begging?

A: It’s almost ten years and half now.

Q: How many house have you built apart from the one you’re living?

A: Everything together is four including the one i’m living.

Q: How many cars are you using including the one you park in the market before begging?

A: I have three cars including the one i park in the market.

Q: How many workers do ou have now that are working for you?

A: They’re up to twelve.

Q: How do they work for you?

A: Some does like lepers, some like blind person, some acts like a students who lost transport fare, some hold pictures of a sick person who needs money for treatment and many other ways.

Q: How do you pay these people working for you and how are they employed?

A: Those that have responsibilities get paid daily and also receive a token at the end of the month and it also depends on their sales.

Q: Do you send them all to the same place?

A: No, it’s not the same place, some are in oshogbo, ibadan and even in lagos here.

Q: I heard this your hose in Ikorodu is not the one you leave anytime, you’re around to work in lagos, Where do you stay exactly?

A: I stay in ibadan and i also built the house police arrested me in ibadan.

Q: Did you gather all the riches you have now from begging?

A: Yes i gathered everything from begging and they are se people that uying that money from us too.

Q: People that buy money from you, how do yo do it?

A: If some come to buy #50,000 from us, they might give us #80,000 or #100,000 in return, thats how the money increases.

Q: So they are some people you sell money to after begging?

A: Yes, There’s no fixed price, it depends on how big the money is, because there are times that we don’t see people to give us money.

Q: If you go to work before you got caught, how do you keep your car, how do you do it?

A: Like if i want to beg in ikorodu i will park at sabo, it will be far from where i want to beg so people won’t know.

Q: Are your children begging alongside you and where are they?

A: No, they don’t beg and i gave birth to four children, two are dead and the remaining two are out of the country.

Q: How do you gather the people working for you?

A: It is people that come to me for help that i introduce to the work.

Q: Do you take oath with your workers?

A: If we didn’t take oath we would have been exposed since.

Q: How do you trust your workers, maybe they don’t deliver the full amunt to you?

A: They dare not betray me.

Q: Are you the only one or you have an association?

A: I don’t know, because i’m the only one in my area but i see some when we want to sell money to those that buy money from us.

Q: Who are thoe buying this money from you?

A: Herbalists, Alfas and some rich men buy it.

Q: Do you have idea of what they do with the money?

A: I don’t kno exactly what they do with the money but maybe for ritual.

Q: What happens to people you collect money fro and sell it?

A: Some don’t prosper with their work

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