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Mother of 11-yr-old Don Davis cries out over alleged rape and torture at Deeper Life High School

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A grieving mother, Mrs. Deborah Okezie, has cried out to the public after her 11-year-old son, Don Davis, who resumed schooling at Deeper Life High School in Uyo in September 2020 has been sexually abused and tortured, OYOGist.com reports.

Deeper Life High School is a private school run by the popular Pentecostal church, Deeper Life Bible Ministry, founded by Pastor W.F Kumuyi. OYOGist.com is not aware if the school, however, is run by the founder.

Pictures of her son before resuming at the school in September and two months later show he’s only a skeleton of himself.

Mrs. Deborah said she had a terrible dream about her son, Don Davis, which prompted her to drive her down to the school to check up on her son. She was initially allegedly prevented from seeing him, however, the son was brought to her after much pressure.

She said Don Davis appeared apprehensive, which made her suspicious, OYOGist.com collects. She pressed him to speak up, given that he was typically an outspoken and active boy. Mrs. Daborah said her son refused to talk and said he’d been threatened to be killed if he spoke.

Her son reported that he was allegedly transferred from JSS1 to SS1 because he was bedwetting, where he was sexually molested by the students. Speaking in the video, Don Davies said the students told him he’d not get justice if he speaks to the principal concerning the abuses he’d received.

Mrs Davies alleged that after coming out with the video, the school authorities, with the backing on Akwa Ibom State Government, have been threatening her to remove the videos she posted online.

OYOGist.com has reached out to Deeper Life School but is yet to get a response as at the time of filing this report.

Below are videos of Mrs. Davies interviewing her son to reveal what was done to her son.

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