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Man narrates ordeal with Amotekun in Ibadan, calls Seyi Makinde to check them

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, A man has shared his experience with the oyo state Amotekun Corps and also called on the governor of the state, Engineer Seyi Makinde to look into their activities.

Recall that Amotekun was recently brought up by the South-West states to breach the level of insecurity in the region.

The man took to Twitter to share his experience;

He wrote: “So it’s past 12(hot afternoon) I just left Church and heading out of the neighborhood to airport junction, alakia. Then I see these guys carrying guns and all sorts come out running towards my direction.. okay whats going on? Shou I park? Or run, so I don’t get caught up in whatever is going on but then, the road is terrible I can’t speed here!”

“Okadas are turning back, its a bend I can’t see what’s happening agead. Then one of the guys beckon to me to keep coming, bro how na? I’m indecisive and just there.. then I moved, followed the bend so I could see straight ahead, see Amotekun everywhere. Apparently they have been chasing someone and the person was hiding in the bush, so they start throwing stones into the bush.. I’m still on my own navigating bad potholes, then boom the man runs out of the bush. He was wearing a white polo and shorts .”shoot him down” “fire” was all I heard and boomed they fired and they missed the man but the man was on the floor ahead of me. I’m in my car still driving.

“I went to ease myself in the bush” said the man, why then did you run asked an Amotekun officer while slapping the man. Their oga saw my displeasure, I was still in my car driving o, tbh its a long and bad road but then I watched live action too.. it was a longer journey.”

“Then he said I should move, he saw my body language I wasn’t okay with how they treated that man, I said I was moving but the road was bad bro! That was my offence.”

“He told the officers in front to stop my car, said he’ll blow my head off in the car. How na? They left the man and all came to where I parked, all aggressive and angry human beings masked, armed to the teeth, wearing all sorts of no uniform. Who are you guys first??”

“They said I should get down And open my boot, I’m just there shaking my head like why?? I open then they see all my photography gadgets , I explain I was coming from church and I’m a photographer. They shut me up and started cursing me , saying”ogun will kill your mom” they scattered my boot and and asked I opened all my luggages one by one! Amotekun oooo, I was helpless , they shot at someone in my presence I wasn’t having it, I just wanted to go home. The boss said I was underrating them and that they aren’t the police that would take money from me, wait how did we even get to the money talk bro How? I was going to explain myself but they kept shutting me up, asked me to enter to enter my car and run off! People stood from afar and were watching what if? Amotekun now do stop and search? Amotekun now has guns and come to neighborhood? Amotekun with only caps as uniforms? I’m scared for the monsters we unleashed.”

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