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Oge Obi, co-writer in #SexForGrades documentary allegedly attempted suicide

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Reports reaching OYOGist.com claims that Ogey Obi, one of the co-writers in the viral BBC eye documentary, Sex For Grades, that shot journalist, Kiki Mordi into limelight has attempted suicide.

Oge Obi was claimed to be the author of the #SexForGrades documentary, but was not credited for it.

OYOGist.com recalls that Harri Obi, a TV producer revealed that #SexForGrades was researched and written by Ogey Obi, but Kiki Mordi took all the credits and rewards for it.

Ogey Obi later posted series of messages on Twitter letting Nigerians in on her struggles and the aftermath of her not getting rewarded for her work as a journalist.

In a short video shared by Ogey Obi, she was seen sobbing and asking for forgiveness for what she was about to do.


In another tweet, she asked “cyanide or ricin?” alluding to her attempt to commit suicide.

OYOGist.com later came across a tweet by one James Johnson who claimed that Oge Obi took two bottles of sniper poison and locked herself in the room alone.

However, several hours later, some users have reported that Oge Obi is now recovering at a hospital.


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